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Discover How I Created My Busy Full-Time
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From the Desk of:
Michael Humphreys
Friday, 9:47 PM

Dear Fellow Copywriter,

Are you ready to have your own busy copywriting schedule?

Just imagine how amazing it would feel to have a client waiting list — instead of hustling to grab any copywriting jobs just to raise quick cash!

Think about it… You could actually have a list of eager clients and prospects that keeps growing and growing — as more people contact you about writing copy for them.

Hi, this is Michael Humphreys. I'm a very successful marketing consultant and copywriter.

The thing is, when it comes to creating a full-time copywriting business… it's not as difficult as you might think. I honestly believe that if I could do it… then anyone else using the same business-building methods could do it too.

Unfortunately, not every copywriter believes that business building can be this easy.

You see, there's a common myth in our industry that is misleading as hell. This myth claims the #1 reason why newer copywriters don't have consistent work is because they aren't very good at writing copy.

And when I hear that, I have to fight the urge to say out loud, “What a complete load of crap!”

Let me take a minute and explain…

Why Too Many Copywriters Fall Flat
on Their Face Instead of Succeeding…

Now, there is some truth to that industry misconception. There are some copywriters who aren't very good at writing copy yet. They really need to learn how to write better copy before they have a strong chance to succeed.

But that's not the real reason why so many copywriters struggle…

… It's how well they market themselves!

A recent study found that over 80% of the general public either don't write well or hate to write.

Over 80%… that's a lot of potential copywriting clients — and more work than the current active copywriters in our industry can handle!

Here's a little secret — as a professional copywriter — if you can write better copy than your clients, then most of the time you will have some pretty happy clients. Here's what I mean.

The truth is, you don't have to produce a killer sales letter that pulls 12%.

Not everytime. All you have to do to improve their sales letter so it becomes a profitable marketing piece.

Just take a marketing piece that has been slowing burning through your client's bank account… rework the copy so it delivers the right message to the right targeted prospects… and turn that marketing piece into a profitable marketing weapon… and you've become their hero.

Let me give you a perfect example…

Sales Conversions Jumped By 1000%
… and I Got 3 More Clients Immediately!

My first copywriting client was an industrial farm. The owner of the farm was delighted when I took his existing website sales letter… reworked it completely… and increased his internet sales from 0.1% to 1.0% of his total sales in 30 days.

Their website went from slowly burning a hole in their bank account… to producing a new (and very real) business income stream.

A conversion rate of 1.0% is nothing for a copywriter to brag about because the industry standard for an "average" conversion is considered 1-2%… but tell that to my client.

I had just improved my client's sales by 1000 PERCENT… and he immediately called me to give me the good news. He also told me that he called three other business owners he knew and told them to hire me right away!

When you can make these type of dramatic improvements for clients, then you're made a client for life!

Why a Former Massage Therapy Center Owner Can Help
You Create the Copywriting Business of Your Dreams…

I didn't start out as a professional copywriter. In fact, I was a full-time massage therapist until August 2006. I even owned a massage therapy center for 6 1/2 years… a center which employed 7 other therapists and 2 admin staff.

Now massage therapy is a much tougher industry than most people realize. Every massage therapist has to deal with these 4 major roadblocks daily

  • Have a ton of prospect objections to address and overcome before they will ever become a massage client… (and there's a ton of objections!)

  • Address plenty of public misconceptions about what exactly is professional massage… (Hint: Massage is a non-sexual treatment done by professionals)

  • Be surrounded by lots of competition … (at one point, I had 42 other competitors within a 5 mile radius of my center)

  • Deal with a very price-sensitive target market. (I have seen people change massage therapists — even if it meant they had to drive across town — just to save $5.00 per hour on their massage appointments!)

I didn't just learn how to succeed in the massage
industry… I discovered how to train others to succeed too!

And then one day I made a big decision. After 13 years of doing massage therapy, I decided I wanted to make a career change.

Truth to be told, it was an easy decision for me to make. I wasn't worried at all.

You see, ever since I created my first business I've always written my own marketing and advertising. At first, my efforts weren't very good… so I picked the very best experts in marketing, advertising, copywriting, and salesmanship — and studied them all.

Everything I learned, I tried testing it in my own business. If it worked, I kept using it… if it didn't, I quickly tossed it and tried something else.

I developed strong enough skills that my clients and business allies started telling me how impressed they were with my marketing. A few of them even asked me about writing the marketing for their businesses.

So I decided to start accepting assignments from copywriting clients.

It didn't take long. In fact, within 2 months, I had a client waiting list for upcoming copywriting projects.

I had developed a full-time copywriting schedule… which is true to this day. I even had one client, who hired me on retainer for 12 months, just to rewrite all of his sales letters!

Was I surprised at how fast my copywriting business grew? Not hardly.

I knew I could develop a full-time business quickly. I knew because I had done it before in the tough massage therapy industry. I wasn't worried because I had a major secret edge over many other copywriters.

What type of secret edge?

Well, it's the type of edge that is…

Like Bringing A Loaded Gun… To A Knife Fight!

I'll be honest… My edge wasn't that I was most talented copywriter alive.

Not at all.

It wasn't that I was cheap labor either.


I have raised my prices every single month… and the demand for my services has never decreased.

This single competitive edge helped me succeed first as a solo massage therapist and then as a massage therapy center owner.

It's the same secret skill which caused other massage therapists to seek me out and beg me to teach them my success secrets.

I'll tell you a bit more about teaching other therapists in just a minute. But first, I want to tell you what my secret competitive edge is.

It's quite simple really… My secret competitive skill is having the ability to powerfully market and sell my services with deadly precision!

But there's an even bigger skill you need to succeed

You need to be able to help your clients market and sell their products correctly too!

The truth is, many times our clients ask for help with more than just rewriting a sales letter for them. They might have questions like…

The best place to put an opt-in form on a web page…
Should they use Clickbank and rely on affiliate traffic for their product… or rely on other traffic sources instead?
How do they get started with Pay Per Click… and which one should they use first?
What's the easiest way to test an offline ad or marketing piece?
How often should they mail to their customers?
and many, many more…

This is what separates the “best” copywriters from the rest of the pack!

You see, great copywriters have learned if client's marketing is positioned correctly… then the sales letter they wrote will be better positioned for top conversion rates… and more likely to be a big success.

If the wrong type of prospects are sent to a sales letter, it won't matter how well a sales letter is written — it will not make many sales!

I had a major competitive advantage over many other copywriters: I already knew marketing. I already knew how to sell a professional service… after all, I sold massage therapy services for years which is probably one of the most difficult professional services to sell in the world.

So my copywriting business took off like a runaway train.

Pretty soon, other copywriters started asking me for advice…

And that's when I made an embarrassing mistake!

In hindsight, it was easy mistake to make. I assumed that every copywriter was as well-versed in marketing as I am. I thought that if a copywriter could write a compelling sales letter for their clients, then they could easily sell their own services.

Boy was I wrong!

I started networking and watching other copywriters in action.

I was absolutely shocked by some of the marketing mistakes I saw other copywriters making. I couldn't believe people could study the art of writing copy and “salesmanship in print“… and still struggle to sell their own copywriting services.

What types of mistakes did I see happening? Well, how about…

Writing copy for peanuts. I'm talking about copywriters writing sales letters for practically pennies. Heck, I even saw some copywriters writing for FREE!
Make These Mistakes!
Asking how they could find clients… some copywriters sounded so desperate that they were willing to accept any type of client or project (and that's a big big mistake!)
Being totally unsure how to (or where to) market their business…
  And many, many more painful mistakes

I thought… maybe the problem wasn't as bad as it looked to me.

… Perhaps I was just watching mostly new copywriters in action.

… Maybe all they needed was someone pointing them to the right places to find the info they needed to succeed.

So I decided to do a several different internet searches for any resources on marketing a copywriting business.

Frankly, it was pretty slim pickings.

So I decided to do something about it…


The Copywriters' Complete A-to-Z Resource For Learning Marketing and Sales…

When I decided to create Market Your Copy, I wasn't sure where to begin. There's a lot of different ways to market a service business and I didn't know which ones copywriters would want to learn.

So I started asking them… and the response was overwhelming.

People were asking me to share everything I know about offline and online marketing.

So I decided to do just that… by creating a series of content-packed online training videos.

Here's One of the First Training Videos (Approximately 8 1/2 Minutes Long)

After all, I have a rock-solid reputation as a marketing expert and teacher in the massage therapy field.

Let's face it: If I can…

grow and expand a successful solo massage business into a massage therapy center with multiple therapists…

teach others how to build their own thriving massage practice…

… create a successful copywriting business within 2 months from scratch

… then I know I can teach other people how to create their own successful copywriting business too!

Record Time For Seeing New Results!


You can go ahead and use this as a testimonial if you like, but I just wanted to give you a special thank you.

I listened to the November interview in Market Your Copy, took ONE piece of advice, took action on it, and less than 2 hours after I started listening to the interview I was giving out a quote on a rewrite.

I think that is record time for actionable information seeing results.

Simply amazing. Looks like this could cover my membership fee for many months – a nice, almost instant ROI.

You da man, Mike. You da man.

And hey – if you’re ever looking to bounce some ideas off any youthful, high energy Canadian copywriters, I’m always up for a good chat!"

Cherilyn Lester
Canadian Copywriter

I knew the business building methods I used to create my own successful copywriting business weren't the only ones that worked.

Thanks to the power of offline and online marketing, it's definitely not a cookie cutter system or “one size fits all“ way to create a business.

In fact, I decided it was time to…

Discover As Many Ways A Copywriter Can
Create Their Own Successful Business…

I started seeking out other successful copywriters. I asked them if I could interview them and find out their secrets things like…

… how they started their copywriting business…

… how they used to get clients when they were first starting out…

… what they do now to get clients booking like clockwork…

… what they felt other copywriters needed to know if they wanted to succeed.

Of course , some copywriters said no. A few didn't even bother to answer my email or phone call! (Boy, wasn't that rude of them?)

But I was pleasantly surprised how many successful copywriters were thrilled to share the secrets behind their success.

You see, many of them had help when they started… Someone else help guide them toward success… and they never forgot it.

A Blessing In Disguise…

A few of the successful copywriters that I interviewed actually thanked me for creating Market Your Copy. You see, many of them are ultra-busy. As much as they wouldn't mind helping other copywriters succeed… they just don't have the extra time to make such a big commitment.

Thanks to Market Your Copy, these industry experts could just “pay it forward” without trying to find the time to mentor someone else.

All they needed to do was schedule an in-depth 45-90 minute interview packed with their business building secrets… and they could help countless other copywriters succeed for many years to come.

So What Else Will You Discover Inside Market Your Copy?

Here's a quick peek at what you'll find inside…

Industry Expert Interviews with top pros like Ray L. Edwards, Michel Fortin, Doug D'Anna, Jay White, Ken Calhoun, Carline Anglade-Cole, Bob Hutchinson, Scott Paton, John Ritskowitz, and Many More!

Downloadable Software and Resources to Help You Promote and Grow Your Copywriting Business…

Web-based Video Training…

Regularly Updated Marketing Resources and Places To Find Copywriting Jobs…
Interviews That I've Done On Copywriting, Marketing, Offline Consulting, and More…
Recommended Free or Low-Cost Business Building Tools…
Plus Much More…

Let's face it — With all of these great tips, tools, and tactics to
add more power to your marketing and sales skills… do you think
you could increase your copywriting business a few more notches?


If you are using proven marketing and sales techniques (and that's all you'll learn inside Market Your Copy), then you could easily double or even triple your sales.

Quite frankly, I'm completely confident your membership in Market Your Copy will be the best investment you could ever make in your copywriting business.

You will come back to Market Your Copy again and again, sharpening and polishing your skills into a powerful force that can literally produce sales for you on demand.

In fact, I believe you will value Market Your Copy so much that I'm willing to fully guarantee your complete satisfaction. I'll give you the complete details of this 100% risk-free guarantee in just a few minutes.

“Okay Michael, How Much Could I Pay To Learn
Everything That Is Already Inside of Market Your Copy?”

Let's face it: Having someone else show you what works is a huge time saver. (You can cut out a lot of painful trial and error too!) Best of all, if they share tips, tactics, and techniques that have been field-tested and proven to work, then it's even more valuable and powerful information.

But don't just take my word on it. Here's what you would need to buy (or create) to come close to the powerful material found inside Market Your Copy…

What You Would Need To Create Your Own Sales and Marketing Systems Time And/Or Money Spent “Market Your Copy”
Top 20 Marketing Books From Your Local Bookstore $300-400 Not Needed
Top 20 Sales Training Books From Your Local Bookstore $350-500 Not Needed
Attend at least one Marketing Boot Camp or Seminar $1000-5000 Not Needed
$50 per marketing piece to test at least one dozen marketing ideas for generating new copywriting business 12 X $50 = $600 Not Needed

3-4 Hrs To Quickly Read All of the Marketing and Sales Books You Already Bought From The List Above

(120-160 Hours Of Your Time!)

120-160 Hours Not Needed
Find the Best Free (or Low-Cost) Business Building Tools Online Ongoing Not Needed
5 Hrs Minimum To Create A Marketing Piece That You Want To Test
(12 Marketing Pieces = 60 Hrs)
60 Hours Not Needed
Hours of Billable Copywriting Time Lost While You Do All Of The Above 180-220 Hours Not Needed
Total Cost In Your Time And Your Money Lots $397 $197.00 one-time fee

You can spend a lot of your time trying to create the same powerful resources found in Market Your Copy… or you can join our private membership site instead.

By joining, you will gain instant access to our entire members area for a one-time fee of just $397.00 ($197.00 for a limited time only).

You will get unlimited monthly access to my Market Your Copy private membership site — and all of the future site updates and additions.

Simply use what you learn from Market Your Copy to land one new copywriting project and the membership will have easily paid for itself.

It's a steal of a deal and you won't anything else like it on the web!

“…Helped to Kick Start a Complete Beginner…“


I have gained lots of knowledge about marketing already which I am keen to put into practice. Coming from a purely medical background you have helped to kick start a complete beginner into running her own business.”

Dr. Sarah Taylor
Paignton, United Kingdom

I believe you'll be amazed by what you find inside Market Your Copy. You'll be excited to start using the powerful techniques that I — along with other top copywriters — share with the Market Your Copy members.

In fact…

Here's Why You Will Want To
Stay an Active Member…

Simply enroll in Market Your Copy and you'll get instant access right away. You will enjoy having unlimited access to all of the training videos, expert interviews, and the entire members-only area.

Your access works 24 hours per
day — whenever you want to use it!

Just log into the site whenever it's convenient for you and go though the training materials at your own pace.

There's new content like training videos, business-building resources, expert interviews, or new related products of mine being added on a regular basis.

100% No B.S. Absolutely Risk-Free Guarantee!

This is my personal guarantee and you have my word on it…

Join Market Your Copy for a one-time fee of just $147.00. Take the next 60 days to check out the value of my site, listen to all of the past interviews and coaching calls and get your questions answered. You'll be able to explore the entire members-only area.

During your test drive, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply let me know, and I will promptly refund your lifetime membership and we'll part friendly.

Fair enough?


There's no monthly commitments. There's no contract to sign or worry about. If you decide to cancel during the first 60 days, I will even refund your membership fee as my way of thanking you for trying out Market Your Copy.

It's really that simple — No hard feelings and no questions asked.

If you consider what you'd have to pay me as a marketing consultant (or someone else of equal caliber) you would easily spend at least $200-300 per hour.

You get access to at new business-building content each month — just take the laser-accurate advice given and plug it into your own copywriting business right away.

But that's not all you get.

I could describe all of the free (or low-cost) resources that I've turned up for you…

… The regularly updated lists of places where copywriters can easily find paying clients…

… My exclusive training videos where I personally teach you specific marketing and sales skills to help you ramp up your business (and your clients' businesses too!)…

… The new expert interviews I personally conduct which are added to the members area…

… But that wouldn't be mentioning everything you are gaining instant access to. Best of all, I am regularly adding new content and resources for Market Your Copy members.

Of course, if you want me to spell it out then…

… Here's a Partial List of What
You Will Find Inside The Members Area:

With your unrestricted access pass to the Market Your Copy private membership website, you get…

  • Access to exclusive training videos where I break down a marketing or sales topic and explain it in easy-to-follow plain English. You could read dozens of different marketing and sales books and hope they teach you what you need to know… or you can watch my “no-fluff or filler“ training videos instead…

  • Interviews with top copywriters, including Ken Calhoun, Jay White, Scott Paton, Ray L. Edwards, John Ritskowitz, Michel Fortin, Carline Anglade-Cole, Bob Hutchinson, Doug D'Anna, Mike Capuzzi, and many others…

  • Interviews that I've done for other paid info-products on copywriting, referral systems, marketing, offline consulting, and much more…

  • Regularly updated resources, exclusive to members, to help you find paying clients or tools to jump your copywriting business into mach speed…

  • Powerful Software and Tools to help you promote and grow your business with more being added regularly…

And a whole lot more. Yes, these are the types of high-powered, secret advantages you can expect to gain when you join the Market Your Copy private membership website.

Act Now and I'll Throw In These 3 Special Bonuses...

Special Bonus #1: Brian McElroy interviews Michael Humphreys

  In this 60 minute content-packed interview, Brian grills me on how any freelancer can market their business, what marketing methods I've used personally to grow my own copywriting business, and more.

Special Bonus #2: Copywriters
Recession-Proof Roundtable


Recently, I accepted a challenge from a member of my membership site Market Your Copy: put together a roundtable panel of non-gurus who really know their stuff about marketing a service business.

72 hours later, I had put together a panel of seven-figure producing experts like John Ritzkowitz, Mike Capuzzi, Jay White, and yours truly.

This roundtable call lasted almost 2 hours... and it's 100% pure content with no filler or product pitches either. I could easily slap a $97 price tag on this audio, but it's yours free when you grab Market Your Copy today.

Special Bonus #3: My product
“Easy Referral Systems”


Tipping in at 2 1/2 hours of pure content, you'll hear me explain in depth over 35 different referral systems that you can use for your business (or your clients!).

This is a stand-alone product that I sell everyday for $67 and you get free access with your Market Your Copy membership.


You get all of this and more for just a one-time fee of $197.00. For less than attending some marketing “bootcamp”, you'll gain instant access to the marketing and sales training resources that can literally add thousands of dollars to your bank account.

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I'll see you inside,

P.S. You can spend thousands of dollars on copywriting courses, marketing books, or sales seminars… and still need to figure out how to use it in your own copywriting business. Or you can save yourself a huge chunk of time (and money) by joining Market Your Copy instead.

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